2013 Trends


Trends should not be confused with fads, which are fickle, but should be seen as the undercurrents that drive what you see.
The globe seems to be shrinking, and other cultures no longer seem as distant or foreign – whether it’s fashion, music or interior design.

Sequins : The year 2012 was all about sparkling sequins. All the key designer collections shown at different fashion weeks, home and abroad, offered dresses sparkling with stupendous splashes of sequins – whether it’s shirts or trousers or tee-shirts or ‘kurtas’.Sequins also dominated the scene in accessories. Sequined clutches, hand bags and satchels along with sequined pumps were a rage among fashionistas in 2012. According to fashion pundits sequins will still be popular in 2013.

Lace: This is a ‘finished’ trend we are talking about. This dainty, vintage style became an instant hit in a big way in 2012. It’s a little dressier and more polished. There are lacey peplum dresses and tops, lace pants and lace tops with prints on them. Once only reserved for formal wear, lace is now showing up everywhere. And in year 2013 we are expecting this trend to persist.

Orange: Every year color experts nominate a color of the year, and 2012 had been declared the year of orange. We spotted this trend and there were all shades of orange everywhere. Anything from the orange family was hot in 2012 – from necklaces, lipstick, shoes, clothes, jewellery, bags, to even hair. Orange widely appeared also on pleated fabrics. There were lots of accessories available in eye-catching orange in the market like belts, orange-framed sunglasses, handbags, scarves etc. Orange nail lacquers, orange lipsticks and even orange eye-shadows were also very in among fashion savvy women!
Gangnam Style: In music 2012 was undoubtedly the year of ‘Gangnam Style’. This video by South Korean rapper Psy became the most-watched YouTube video of all time in November when it surpassed teenage pop star Justin Bieber’s 804 million views for ‘Baby’. ‘Gangnam Style’ also holds the title of most liked video in YouTube history with more than 2 million ‘likes’, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, which recognized the achievement in September 2012.

ZUMBA: Zumba – a form of dance workout – was among the top fitness trends for 2012. Zumba first appeared on the list of potential trends in 2010, but in 2012 this dance form gained immense popularity among fitness freaks. These days, it’s hard to escape ZUMBA class, which combines interval training with complex Latin dance moves to a fast-paced beat.

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