5 Benefits of Deep Breathing


Fast and furious are the two words to define today’s world. This keeps you looped in a trance of work, stress and a terrible time management. Often we are so intent on achieving the goals that we forget the pains our mind and body suffer in the process. We forget the inner us, that deserves love and care as much as our goals. If you think you are now being sold into an exotic trip or a full body massage, you are wrong. There is a simple, organic way to take care of yourself. Just breathe! Here are nine benefits of deep breathing.

1. Deep breathing serves as a detox

Human body is an amazing mechanism. It can heal itself only if you know the right ways. Researches show 70% of the toxins that are generated everyday can be released through deep breathing. Through deep breathing one can get rid of carbon dioxide that our blood stream dumps into our lungs.

2. Deep breathing resolves the problem of wrinkles

Believe it or not, for centuries, beauty conscious people have sworn by the anti-ageing effects of deep breathing. Since it relaxes your facial muscles, it pretty much works as an anti ageing cream. Especially for the fine lines around the eyes or forehead, deep breathing works wonders. This is why many Hollywood celebrities turn to yoga which makes use of different breathing techniques.

3. Deep breathing releases tension

Have you ever had that butterfly in the stomach feeling at the middle of a hectic work day? No, the reason wasn’t the cute colleague in the next cubicle. An excel sheet in this case, or a pending target, or maybe loads of chores in the to-do list if you are a stay-at-home mummy. If your answer is yes, you are one of the victims of stress. Whenever such a situation occurs breathe deep and you’ll feel better.

4. Deep breathing helps manage anger

Now everyone has heard of this, but how many actually practice? Whenever angry, most of us cannot think straight; and instead just react. This might be a huge cause for repentance later. So, next time you want to control your anger, take a couple of deep breaths and see how you feel. Usually, people who have been able to do it say, this helps them manage how they react. Full benefit can be achieved when you deep breathe on a regular basis, and not only when angry.

5. It tones stomach muscles, and helps in digestion
When done the right way, deep breathing can act as an excellent workout for your stomach muscles. It would massage your internal organs, keep them healthy and help digestion.

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