5 Reasons Why “Radiant Orchid” is the Hue of 2014


Recently the Global colour authority Pantone entitled “Radiant Orchid” as 2014’s colour of the year! The colour is best described as being a purple hue with pink and fuchsia colour elements present in it. Here are 5 reasons why this hue was chosen to be the ‘it’ colour of 2014!

1. One of the main reasons why Pantone selected this colour was simply because it was eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing! It believed that the colour had potential for creativity and makes a perfect style statement.

2. As a Colour, “Radiant Orchid” is extremely vibrant and has the ability to make any accessory stand out. Since this colour is extremely vibrant and rich, it makes an ideal outfit to wear for any occasion!

3. With this colour you can dress according to the terms of your imagination, since it is at the end of the day a funky colour! You could club this coloured outfit with any accessory! Some really cool accessories you could team up with this look are bold studs, metallic finished jewelry and of course dark bold coated leather bags!

4. Another reason why this colour is so popular, is because it makes its wearer feel good and positive about wearing it! It is funky, trendy and vibrant. In addition, wearing this colour to an occasion, gives you an advantage of standing out!

5. The last reason why this colour was chosen as the “it” colour of the year was because it is a blend of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones. It symbolizes health, joy and love!

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