60 Seconds To A Better Relationship:


Expressing how you feel to make your spouse feel important does not have to involve grand gestures. In fact, sometimes it is the little things (and the practical ones) that make the biggest impressions and keep the spark alive. Make a habit of performing simple favours that take less than a minute on a regular basis using this list as inspiration:

  • Iron/steam a shirt
  • Pick up your spouse’s favorite dessert
  • Warm up a towel in the dryer while they’re in the shower
  • Draw a bath
  • Pack a lunch
  • Pick up a favorite drink
  • Fold their laundry
  • Purchase staples (shampoo, soap, shaving cream etc.) that they would usually pick up themselves
  • Brew coffee in the morning
  • Plug in their phone or laptop overnight
  • Rub their feet
  • Light candles to help them relax
  • Pick up their dry cleaning
  • Take their car to the carwash
  • Pour them a drink
  • Shine their shoes
  • Order take-out
  • Carve a grapefruit, chop an apple or prepare their favorite fruit
  • Warm up the bed
  • Set their alarm
  • Stock the pantry with the snacks they enjoy
  • Organize their bills/papers
  • Bring them the paper in the morning/email them articles of interest to support their personal/professional growth
  • Sew a button back on their shirt/blouse
  • Clean up after them without resentment.

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