7 Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Break


You probably don’t even realize that these common practices are ruining your face and hair and making you look older
Wrapping Wet Hair Up In A Towel
The strengthening shampoo and conditioner you use aren’t going to help much if you gather your wet locks in a turban on top of your head post-shower. When wet, hair shafts are like loosened springs that stretch and break more easily. So rubbing your tresses with a towel, pulling them into a too-tight wrap, or brushing or combing them too vigorously can all break the hair shafts and lead to damaged, frizzy strands.
Washing Your Face In The Morning
Using harsh cleansers and scrubs in the a.m. can do more harm than good, stripping your skin of essential oils before you even start your day. A good skincare regimen means cleansing your face only at night because while you sleep, your skin regenerates, reestablishes its pH, and increases collagen production.
Exfoliating Too Often
Scrub-a-dubbing feels amazing, but it’s unnecessary, since your skin naturally sheds any dead cells. Sloughing off skin cells and oils with an exfoliant will only cause a vicious cycle of irritation and dryness in the long run, leading some to want to exfoliate even more to get the new dry cells off.If you have skin that tends to be oily, be careful not to overdo it, as this may have the opposite effect and cause your sebaceous glands to produce even more oil.
Pumping Your Mascara Wand
Moving the brush in and out forces air deeper into the tube, and, if any bacteria from your eyes come with it, the air helps those germs thrive and multiply.
Piling On Products
You may boast a beauty arsenal that rivals the local drugstore, but your lotions and potions may not all get along. Ingredients in different products can “fight” each other, negating their powers or causing skin irritation when combined.
Neglecting Your Neck
Forgetting to moisturize and use sunscreen below your jaw line leaves your neck open to the elements and can cause it to show signs of aging faster. When you’re done moisturizing and applying sunscreen to your face every day, do the same to your neck.
Using A Straw Too Often
While it’s smart to sip coffee, soda, and tea through a straw to avoid staining your pearly whites, serious slurping could get this cause wrinkles if you do it too frequently. Working your muscles is usually a good thing, but repeatedly flexing the orbicularis oris around your mouth tightly enough to create a vacuum in a straw can lead to “smoker’s lines” around your kisser.Stick to the straw, but gently place your lips more to the side instead of the center and don’t pucker up.

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