Aamir Khan Finds Shahrukh Khan Distracting


Aamir Khan was tirelessly rehearsing at the YRF studios for the Dhoom 3 dance sequence, when all of a sudden, the actor lost focus and was terribly distracted and stopped the rehearsal in between. Surprisingly,Shahrukh Khan was the reason for the distraction.
If sources are to be gone by, Aamir stopped midway while practicing and went to a corner and had a quick chat with one of the boys standing there. Apparently, there was a huge poster of Dil Toh Pagal Hai that had Shahrukh Khan, stuck on the wall, that was distracting the actor. He wanted the poster to be taken down.Says a source, “He told someone to take off the poster of Dil To Pagal Hai as it was distracting him. But…the YRF staff told him politely that he had no authority to remove anything from the hall.”The response didn’t really go down well with Aamir Khan. However, left with no option, the actor unhappily continued to rehearse.The given picture features Aamir Khan with dancer Mohena Kumari Singh from the sets of Dhoom 3. SRK’s poster can be spotted in the backdrop.

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