Ahsan Khan hosts Fear Factor


Okay… so now we will be seeing some of our favourite Pakistani celebrities turning into stuntwomen. The women we have seen crying on TV, romancing the hero or bitching about the other women will now be our Rambos and Terminators. Yes, Fear Factor is now coming to Pakistan and is featuring TV divas like Mehwish Hayat, Zeba Ali, Sana Askari, film star Sana, Madiha and Ayesha. We still have to wait and see if Madiha mentioned is Madiha Ishtiaq and Ayesha is Ayesha Khan or someone else. All the celebrity contestants are not named yet but what we know for sure is who will be hosting the show. Our very own Ahsan Khan. Yes, the guy who has worked with nearly every director of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, done hosting for a number of shows and has modelled for various products and brands is now all set to hst Pakistan’s Fear Factor. We don’t doubt his hosting abilities as he is a hot favourite amongst the hosts for special occasions. Be it Eid or any sponsored shows; you will find him sitting on any of the entertainment channel talking to the guests and making them comfortable. He even hosted a show in Ramadan, this year. But Fear Factor will be a new experience altogether as its theme is extremely exhilarating and adventurous. Let’s see how Ahsan Khan keeps up with this job. Currently, it’s said that he and the team is in Thailand for the shooting of the show. Just can’t wait to watch Fear Factor with our local celebrities. Till then, keep your fingers crossed!

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