The following is just food for thought. As per North American standards the following implies to kids who are born and raised in the western world. This chart explains your rights – and responsibilities – at different stages of your life!

At 7 years old
You might have to pay for your mistakes by having Time outs

At 12 years old
You can be arrested by the police.
You can have a license for a firearm.

At 13 years old
You can be directly targeted by advertising.
You can consult a doctor without your parents’ permission.
You can get a prescription for birth control without your parents’ permission.
You can have an abortion without your parents’ permission.

At 14 years old
You can spend money that your earn from working.
You can sign an organ donor card.
You can get a license to drive a scooter.
You can work without your parents’ permission.
You can get a traffic ticket and pay the fine.

At 16 years old
You can decide to quit school.
If your parents agree, you can get married.
You can get your driver’s license.
If your parents agree, you can enlist in the Canadian Army Reserve.
You can be emancipated from your parents and ask to no longer live with them.
You can join a labor union.

At 18 Years:
You are an adult in the eyes of the law.
You can vote and run for elected office.
You can buy cigarettes.
You can go to bars.
You can buy alcohol.
You can donate blood.
You can be called for jury duty.
You can make a will.
You can go to a casino or play the lottery.
You can receive welfare.

The law does not cover everything.
For example, there is no specific legal age for doing these things:
Renting your own apartment
Getting a piercing or a tattoo
Opening a bank account
Being on the board of directors of a youth non-profit

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