Bonding Tips: How to Be a Happy Family


A family that eats together stays together.
You must have heard the adage several times, but what is it that actually keeps a family close! Is it a big house, a fat paycheck or a sense of trust and understanding that make a family a happy one? Take a look at some small steps in building a happy family.

Respect young and old:
Learning to acknowledge and respect all family members, helps a family stick together at all times. It’s no rocket science to honour those who matter the most to you in this world. Starting today, make it a point to express your love and gratitude for them in whatever way you can.

Focus on the positive:
Unhappy people, this one is not for you. We mean stay away from negative influences and those who thrive on pessimism. How about introducing some positive energy into the family by laughing more often? Trust us, it works.

Share meals:
Today, after you reach home, spare some time to arrange the dining table with your mom, sister or your mom-in-law! Sharing at least one meal everyday not only makes the family bond, but also brings it closer. And a happy one does look forward to come together at the dining table after a long, tiring day.

Communication is key:
In a happy family, people talk to each other more often. They not only love to express themselves, but also value each other’s feelings. To be able to find time to talk and listen is a great way to bond within the family.

Give your ego some rest:
If you want to build a happy family, then giving your ego some rest is the right thing to do. There is no room for ego in a family that wants to stay together. Also, putting yourself before others will not take you anywhere.

Don’t talk behind each other’s backs:
If you belong to a big family and live under the same roof, then disagreements are bound to crop up every now and then. In such a situation, should you be talking about family members behind their backs? Absolutely not! Remember conflicts can be sorted out in many ways, gossiping about them won’t.
Spend time together: A family that spends time together after a long day is most likely to smile more than anyone else. No matter how tired you may be, sparing a couple of hours to connect with them will only benefit you in the long run.

Love your spouse:
If you have growing kids, you will realize the importance of setting an example for them. After all, a loving marriage will bring hope and security to your children. We believe it also has the power to strengthen family ties.

Compliment each other:
Bring out the best in your mom, dad, siblings or even your grandparents! In fact, there’s no hard and fast rule to complimenting your family members. It can be someone’s effort to plan an occasion or a dish that needs special mention – it doesn’t take too much to encourage and boost each other’s morale.

Bond with the extended family:
It is extremely crucial to care, support and stay with your extended family. Call an elderly aunt on her birthday, ask an old uncle for some financial advice or host a party for the senior citizens once in a while. Remember there is always room for more love and bonding.

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