CAQ leader showing his true Pequiste colours: Liberal MNA


CAQ leader Francois Legault is showing his true Pequiste colours on the language issue, according to LaFontaine Liberal MNA Marc Tanguay.The PQ minority government has been courting the support of the CAQ, which it needs to pass Bill 14, legislation which would further restrict English in Quebec.The provincial Liberals, alone amongst the parties in their categorical rejection of Bill 14, are accusing the CAQ of playing into the hands of the Parti Quebecois.Earlier this week, the CAQ announced that it could support the bill, a decision Tanguay said predicted would, “divide Quebec into two groups: francophones and anglophones.”Along with upsetting the linguistic balance, the CAQ leader is supporting measures that take away rights, as well as putting increasing the burden on business, according to the Liberals.The Liberals point out that Bill 14 would increase red tape for small businesses of 26 top 49 employees and adopt a coercive approach to application of the law, complete with a powerful language-police.It would also restrict access to francophones seeking to attend English language CEGEPs.Bill 14 would discourage bilingualism, an essential asset to Quebec society, according to liberal leader Philippe Couillard.

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