CHANEL’S COUTURE SPORTS CLUB – Paris Fashion Week 2014


Paris Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year. Recently we were able to see a lot of new creations by famous designers presented in a series of shows in the French capital.
What’s also interesting to be noticed is that the new fashion shows tend to be “shows” by themselves. There are a lot of elements present that do not necessary constitute the subject of fashion design, the set and decor for example. We are featuring few designers from the show in our report.


At Karl Lagerfeld’s dazzling “Cambon Club” show, he boldly mixed the couture designs associated with Coco Chanel’s fashion empire at 31 rue Cambon, with a youthful sporty kick.

Pearly chiffon, satin silk, fastidious embroideries, sequins and sculpted corsets met with — gasp — sneakers, sporty white cropped boleros, fanny packs and silver knee pads. Models even ran down the steps that led onto a bright crystalline stage, sometimes skipping.

Lagerfeld said he wanted the sneakers to “bring couture back to reality.” And in that he succeeded with panache.

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