Chinese company will run strategic Pakistani Port


Pakistan is handing management control of a strategic but commercially troubled deep-sea port to a Chinese company, the information minister confirmed Thursday.The minister, QamarZamanKaira, said that control of the port at Gwadar, near Pakistan’s border with Iran, would pass from the Port of Singapore Authority to a company he identified as China Overseas Port Holdings, in a move that had been anticipated for some time. Kaira said the Chinese company would inject money into the Gwadar port, which has failed to meet the goals set by military ruler Gen. Pervez Musharraf on its completion in late 2006 and now lies largely unused. “We hope that the Chinese company will invest to make the port operational,” Kaira said, according to Reuters. A spokesman for the Singaporean company declined to comment, as did the Chinese government. However, at a news briefing in Beijing on Thursday, a Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that China would “actively support anything that is beneficial to the China-Pakistan friendship.”

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