Christopher Maloney: I’m gay


CHRISTOPHER Maloney has finally opened up about his sexuality – admitting he is gay.
Asked straight out if he was homosexual, the X Factor runner-up said: “Do you know what, I’m going to admit it – yeah.”
And he sensationally told Now magazine that he has been in a relationship with his current boyfriend, who he has chosen not to name, for the past three years.
Former cruise ship crooner, Chris, 35, never spoke about his love life on the show.
And despite several of his fellow X Factor stars, including Rylan Clark, Jaymi Hensley, Lucy Spraggan and Jade Ellis openly admitting they were gay, Chris kept his sexual preferences quiet.
Revealing why, he said: “Honestly, I’ve never denied it or anything like that.
“It’s just that with the show it was always an inappropriate time or people just asked inappropriate questions.”
He also told how his time on the X Factor, and taking part in the show’s subsequent nationwide tour, has put considerable strain on his relationship.
He said: “It’s been tough. I’ve got to admit it – it’s been really tough. But we are still together.
“It isn’t that I’ve changed but the people around me have changed. It’s hard to deal with.”
Chris also appeared to suggest that his partner may have found it difficult spending long periods of time apart from him as he took part in the show and tour.
Asked if he thought he would stay together with his boyfriend, he said: “We’ve been together for three years.
“The tour and everything else is only to make a better life for us.
“I’ve tried to say that to my partner – I’m not just doing this for me. I was always unhappy when I was doing my call centre job, just sitting at my desk.”
And asked if he regretted not speaking about his other half on the singing talent show, Chris said: “I didn’t speak about my love life because I didn’t want my partner to be dragged through this.
“It wasn’t to gain votes or anything like that.”
Chris came third on the show last December, losing out to runner-up Jahmene Douglas and eventual winner James Arthur.
After being voted off he reportedly stormed out and refused to perform with all the other contestants in the grand finale.
Now Chris, who suffered considerable Twitter abuse and even death threats during the show, says that he did suffer a breakdown at the end of the series.
Quizzed on whether he had struggled to cope after being booted off the show on the penultimate night, he revealed: “Yes, I had a breakdown.
“I went home the Monday after the show finished and a psychologist came to see me.
“I wasn’t struggling because I was a sore loser, but because of all I’d had to endure. It was hard to keep a grasp of reality.”

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