Combining Art and Fashion


We were scanning through the fall/winter 2012 collection. Like it or not we still have a couple of more months of cold weather so though we’re excited and enticed to cross over into spring, we still every so often go back. We love it how we re-see and fall in love all over again with some key looks.

One being that of Carven; inspired by the Garden of Earthly Delights, Guillaume Henry showed us how a fine line exists between fashion and art. What we most liked about this outfit was the mix of casual (a regular bleu blouse) can make a drawn up rich skirt seem extremely wearable in just about every occasion.
Lesson: your ornate skirt that you save only for night outs and ‘special’ occasions pull it out and wear it on just a regular day. A point to fashion art is to make use of it. A point to art fashion is for all to see.

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