Dawson student offered job, scholarship Computer-science student Hamed Al-Khabaz expelled Nov. 14 from CEGEP


Is it cynical to supect that counteracting the bad publicity was the only motivation for Skytech to offer Ahmed a job? Or to suspect that Dawson is using confidentiality as a smokescreen? He’s been called a criminal, a liar, a hacker and a thief. He was kicked out of school and saw his academic record go up in smoke last fall, but now it appears Ahmed Al-Khabaz will have the last laugh. The 20-year-old computer science student was expelled from Dawson College in November after stumbling upon a potentially disastrous security flaw in the school’s computer system. Al-Khabaz was working on a mobile application for Dawson’s website when he discovered a weakness that could have jeopardized the personal information of more than 250,000 students. After persisting in his inquiry, Al-Khabaz claims he was threatened with legal action by the CEO of Skytech Communications, the company that runs Dawson’s site and the websites of more than 100 CEGEPs and universities. On Monday, after Al- Khabaz’s struggle gained international notoriety, Skytech seemed to have a change of heart.

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