Easy Steps For ABC


If you want to teach your child anything, the best way is to do it through a fun activity. This also includes teaching the alphabet for the first time. You can start introducing the alphabet to your child at an early age using these fun teaching tips.
Sing a Song
Everyone knows the alphabet song, and it is time to pass the tradition to your child! Sing the song several times, and then start pointing at the letters while singing it. After a few times let your child point at the letter as you sing. Next, let her/him point at them while you are both singing together.
Everyday Objects
Point at the first letter of the words or logos that you see every day around you. For example on the milk container, cereal box, or a t-shirt you’re wearing. It will become a habit after a while and you will see him/her pointing at the letters around them and recognizing them.
Spot the Letter
Everyday pick a letter as the ‘Letter of the Day’. While out in a mall or in the car, spot this letter on road signs, store names and flyers if there are any. Your child will become alert to the surroundings and will be proud of her/his new learnt skill.
Coloring Books
Coloring is the favorite activity for a lot of kids. Print off some coloring pages with big letters associated with the pictures. As he/she is coloring, let your child repeat the letter over till it is mastered.
Their Name
Spell out your child’s name repeatedly aloud. To make it easy to remember create some kind of song that he/she can sing along to with you. After the spelling is memorized, prepare a tracing paper with the letters of the name. Let your child trace the letter more than once till he/she knows how to write is without help.

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