Eco-Friendly Date Ideas


• Eat A Green Dinner
No, your food doesn’t have to be all green — although that would be pretty impressive! Stop at the farmers’ market to pick up fresh produce and cook a meal filled with local eats together. Then, head to the patio to eat outside or head to the nearest park with a picnic blanket. Or, if you’re dining out, go to a local, organic restaurant nearby.

• Go On A Bike Ride Somewhere New
Forget using the car to explore new territory in your area — hop on your bike (or rent one) and ride there together.

• Toss A Frisbee
When was the last time you played Frisbee? After dinner, head to the backyard or nearest park to play. Bring along some music or invite friends to play, too. It’s free and pretty much guaranteed fun — even if you can’t throw a Frisbee to save your life.

• Watch a Local Game
Walk, bike or take mass transportation to the stadium and cheer on your hometown team in the great outdoors.

• Go On A Nature Walk
Take time to appreciate your surroundings with the one you love. Head to the nearest woods or walking path with your partner and take note of what’s around you. Snap pictures, look for specific plants or insects.

• DIY Something
Have a terracotta pot, canvas bag a container, or something else around the house could use some color? Break out some paint, head outside and unleash your inner Michelangelo. Have unused glitter lying around? Make it sparkle. None of you have to be crafting pros — the finished product will be a reminder or something fun you did together.

• Plant Something
Tomatoes, rosemary, or sunflowers — take your pick of all you can plant together. Whether it lives on your windowsill or in your garden, it’ll be something you can watch grow (and possibly eat) together.

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