Emraan Hashmi plays mithun’s die hard fan in next


Emraan Hashmi’s character in his upcoming movie Ghanchakkar is supposedly a die hard fan of actor Mithun Chakraborty. He is playing a thief in this movie which has Vidya Balan acting opposite him.One of the sources said “Emraan Hashmi will be shown as the diehard fan of Mithun. One will get to see Emraan dress,talk and even dance like him, which includes Mithun’s world famous gyrations to the songs of ‘I Am A Disco Dancer’ and ‘Yaad Aa Raha Hai Tera Pyar’. Buzz is that Emraan is all set to have a series of training sessions in order to match up with Mithunda’s steps.”Talking about the film, Director Rajkumar Gupta said that they are planning to do something major to strengthen Emraan’s character’s bonding with Mithunda; but he refused to reveal any details. While he is all praise for Emraan’s dedicated act, he added that this film was his tribute to his growing-up years idolizing Mithunda.Ghanchakkar is already creating ripples in the industry with the comeback of Emraan-Vidya pair after ‘The Dirty Picture’ and director Rajkumar Gupta-Vidya pair after their last outing in ‘No one killed Jessica’. With this new news, we are all excited to see Emraan Hashmi, the new DISCO DANCER.

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