Father’s Day Gifts Ideas


For the Dad Who Has Everything

Struggling to pick out the perfect Father’s Day gift? Well your man-of-the-year is sure to love one of these gift ideas.

• Framed Photo Collage:
This gift is really for every dad out there. Who doesn’t love remembering all the great times you’ve had together? Start out by buying a large frame with a matte that can hold lots of different-sized pictures. Then, start combing through the family photo albums and files of digital pictures to put together a collection of your happiest memories together. Don’t forget to include family vacations, graduations, birthdays and holidays. Plus, remember that time we all just sat around the dinner table making funny faces at the camera? Put one of those in too. To make it extra special, let the kids decorate the matte with markers and scrap-booking stickers.

• One Day Free Pass:
This is one for the dad who rarely gets time alone to sit on the couch, work on his model train, or do whatever it is that your special guy wishes he still had time to do. Create an official looking certificate that dad can redeem for one full day of an empty house where he doesn’t have to take care of any kids, do any chores, or do anything he doesn’t feel like doing. You’d be surprised at how badly he’s been wishing for this gift!

• Home Movie:
Is your dad all about creativity? Gather together the kids, their favorite instruments, songs, poems, costumes and magic tricks and put together a special home movie just for dad.

• Tickets to the Big Game:
Whether your dad is into baseball or car-racing, score him a pair of tickets to his favorite event. While this may not have the originality of a home movie, it’s sure to please the sports fanatic in every family.

• Autographed or First Edition Book:
For the intellectual dad who loves to read look for an autographed or first edition book by one of his favorite authors.

• Cooking Classes for the Home Chef:
If your dad loves whipping up new dishes and trying out new flavors, consider buying him a special cooking course for a new type of cuisine.

• Donation to his favorite charity:
When you think of your man of the hour, does the word ‘activist’ come to mind? If so then this is truly the gift for the man who has everything and now wants to share it with the world.
There really is no one perfect gift for all dads everywhere, but knowing who your dad is and what he likes is the first step to finding that perfect Father’s Day gift that will remind him of how much you love him all year long.

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