How To Get Your Life In Sync


Every day our life increases in speed and complexity. It feels as we are running down a hill so fast that we can barely keep our feet under us.Chances are, you’re at the apex of your life– accomplished, capable and confident.believing you seek balance,but unwilling to make the transition from active-doing to passive-being. Perhaps what you really want is to synchronize your life,itegrate the personal with the professional and find a pathway to growth.
Stack The Russian Nesting Dolls
As you age, the desire to synthesize the various aspects of your life into an essential self increases.The psychologists called this the “individuation process.” That means you become authentically aware of who you are and what you genuinely seek.It is the wise amalgamation of your experience, mindfulness and aspirations.It is helpful to think of this integral process as the stacking of Russian nesting dolls. You have a personal, social and transcendent self and each is contained above or below the next.Your personal self is you as an individual.Your social self is you as part of a group (like a parent, child, sibling, spouse, neighbor or co-worker).Your transcendent self is you as a boundless being — your spirit, soul, psyche ,mind and essence.When you’re in sync, you’re cognizant of where these versions of your self touch, align and meld into one another.Think about the situations where you feel energized,fully immersed in the moment and there’s reciprocity in what you give and receive. Maybe it’s writing a family history that involves interviewing your aging parent.Or sitting in with a bluegrass band and rediscovering your passion for the violin.Perhaps it’s just doing more of what makes you happy,fulfilled and enlivened.The trick is to pay attention to those genuine experiences where you are centered and do more of what gives you energy and less of what takes it.
Practice Prismatic Thinking
When you’re seeking sync,think about a prism.The magic of the prism is that it appears to create color from ubiquitous streams of white light that imperceptibly dance about us at all times. All you need is a little glass with a few oblique angles and voila-instant rainbow. Colors are as much defined by their opposites as they are by their composition.Like colors,the opposing forces in your life can be mixed to create vivid new hybrids of your self.

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