21st century has brought an immense and insanely huge change to the generation of generations. In the world of fastest growing technology and humongous changes, we have forgotten the real values of our most important and dominant relationships. Your very first and foremost relation is not considered as important as it is to be, that is, a parent-child relation. It is very essential for both of the characters to understand each other. The upbringing and situation is allegedly a lot different today than 20 to 30 years back. Fortunately, the mistake is not only on one side, parents are not aware of the pressure, stress and aggression their kids face by the society and people around. Where bullying is common, there is also a depression phase going on many kids. This is obvious that kids alone can’t handle all that stress, but they can surely make themselves feel better by sharing their problems to their parents.Here are 8 ways with which you can make your parents understand you better:

Show Them Some Care: Ask your parents how their day went every day when they come in the house after work. Make sure they know that you care.

Make Them See Your New Side: Allow parents to see you’re adult teen. Make effort to household chores and take care of siblings. Parents need a break as well.

Let Them Know: Make sure your parents know why you are locked in your room, it usually means you’re tired, had a rough day, or just chilling. It’s not easy being a teen. Studying at school all day and the constant pressure of peers is exhausting. Everyone needs alone time

Talk To Them: If there is a problem in your life, promise to talk to your parents in your own time, but do talk to them if you can.

Realize They Are Just Humans: Understand that your parents are just people, and that they can’t always be right. Listen to them when they give you advice, but don’t forget to think for yourself.

Communicate With Them: Talk to your parents if they’re interested and want to know things happening around you. Give them something to keep them happy. Let them know what school’s like for you, name a few friends and if you’re interested in someone, let them know. Parents are pleased knowing that you’re happy.

See Things From Their Point Of View: Don’t scream at your parents, and if you do, you must make a ‘SORRY’ afterwards. Try to see things from their point of view, too. They’re probably doing the best they can, and they want you to be happy.

Help Them: Sometimes both parents work and in some cases parents have more than one job. It’s not fair and they were once kids as well. Let them know you will help them where you can. For your parents to understand you, you have to talk. No one is born with a set of instructions, so open up.

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