With 2013 kicking off with a brilliant start, it’s necessary for one to remain positive and bring every aspect of their life up-to-date with the latest fashion. For ladies, makeup trends are amongst those that are a ‘must-follow’. But to follow the trend, one must know what’s really ‘in’ this season. Of course you have TV, movies and international magazines to update you with the international looks, but remember, the fashion also varies from country to country. We do take inspiration of makeup looks from international trends, but a disparity is bound to arise based on the varying complexions and ethnical backgrounds.

Will red lips dominate again? Will hair go high or low? Which blush color is perfect? Read on to find out the answers to all your queries by Sync-Beautilicious …………

1) What are the latest hair trends?

Curly up dos are in. They should be tied up in a chic manner with tendrils hanging out either from the front or the back. Try to be creative with the look you are aiming to create. Messy hair, be it curls straight hair or a bun. Such casual looks are being sported on the runway and the key is to achieve ‘out of the bed’ look. Even if the hair is clipped or tied in a bun, the hairdo shouldn’t appear perfect and neat. It’s essential to have a few loose strands sticking out.


2) What hair colors are in these days?

Vibrant hair colors and streaks are in fashion. Shades like blues, reds, oranges, and purple are perfect for youngsters. For ladies slightly older, shades like rich brown and burgundy are the best options this year. 2013 has also brought with it ombre hair – a trend of coloring the ends of the hair dark, whereas the roots should be the lightest and the mid length should be of a medium shade.

3) Is straight hair more popular or curly hair?

Curly hair is in, but straight hair is not completely out either

4) What do you think is the perfect hair length?

The length should be either really short (twiggy hair), or long with lots of layers. The layers help in incorporating beach wave curls and big curls.

5) What are this season’s eye makeup trends?

Smokey eyes and black eye shades are very in. Either opt for this look or keep the eyes completely soft with prominent liner and dark lips.

6) Liner or eye shadows, which one does the trend demand more?

Flick out liners. This includes straight liners and outwards wing liner. The eyeshades should be kept light.





7) Blush ons that are in? What’s better? Pink blush or orange blush?

The blush needs to be purplish and pink. People of some skin tones prefer the wine coloured blush more. Orange is much more in accordance to the fashion.

8) What are the nail colors of the season?

All nail shades can be applied but what’s really in is nail art. This includes nail stickers, diamantes and patterns on the nails.

9) What’s the look for 2013?

A natural look. Good skin with a natural makeup effect.

Cover parts that need to be concealed such as acne marks and dark circles. Use minimal makeup with less foundation and little face powder. The colour of the powder should be picked according to the skin colour.

10) One essential makeup item that women should carry at all times?

One makeup item won’t help but having confidence can do wonders. Confidence can make a simple girl look like a movie star.

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