Is Ishq e Mamnoon, the next Humsafar?


Ideally, one should always be too sexy to be a crybaby. Dear TV people, you desperately need to learn this fine art too. The ratings that hunky taste of Turkey Ishq e Mamnoon got surpassed everyone’s expectations and true to our ‘follow the leader’ spirit, dubbed foreign plays are poised to be the next big thing. So of course the TV walas have come to the same conclusion as the Mayans – that their world is going to end. Since you are reading this, alive and well, we can assure you that none of this will happen. Shrewd TV producers will pick up on why Ishq e Mamnoon worked, it’s fast pace being the first and foremost thing that set it apart from our slow mo melodramas. And a new life will be breathed into our serials which are too painful to watch sometimes. Thora action, thori masti, thora magic entertainment beyond that morose mega success Humsuffer…

Who know?

May be some Pakistani will make a play someone in the great wide beyond wants to buy and which becomes a foreign legend.

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