Issue 52 – Highlights


Dear Readers,

We are back with another exciting issue! Hope you’ve enjoyed our last issue. Education has the power to transform children’s futures. It is many children’s route out of poverty. It gives them a chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills, and to improve their lives. And it means when they grow up, their children will have a much better chance of surviving and thriving.

But millions of children today never see the inside of a classroom. Many others struggle the lack of the basic skills of their peers while others drop out because their classes are overcrowded or teachers are poorly trained. And the scenario is worse in South Asian countries like Pakistan. In this very time of need, The Citizens Foundation has taken up social responsibility to improve the education conditions in Pakistan by helping millions of children go to school and improve their skills for a brighter tomorrow. The organization has built quality schools in under-developed areas of the country where mass children are deprived of their basic right to education. TCF runs its activities through funds & so organizes Fund Raising Events time to time to cater the need of financial assistance. Recently in Montreal, TCF organized one such event successfully. Syncmag takes pride being active member of the campaign as it inhibits & shares the sense of social responsibility towards the betterment of society. So, catch the exclusive coverage of the Gala Night on inside pages, we did bring to you!

Syncmag always tries to keep its readers updated with the important happenings in the town & around the globe & so it did give you a fine insight of the most mesmerizing & aspiring singer, Sunidhi Chauhan’s life as she is visiting the Montreal this September to rock the audience. We are also in talk with the management behind the event i.e. Spark Event Management as they shared their vision & future plans with us.

As our last issue was dedicated to the Independence Celebrations of Pakistan & India, to that’s continuity we gave you sneak peak of the Indian Day Parade from Montreal. Moreover, you can also find latest designer collections in this issue as we featured Fuchsia & Sapphire.

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