J’aime le Québec!!!,


Let pasta be pasta — and not pâtes alimentaires, Quebec’s language watchdog has let it be known,after controversy boiled over when it tried to muscle more French onto the largely Frenchlanguage menu at a high-profile Italian restaurant in Montreal.We don’t know what the big fuss is about when it comes to the french/English language in Quebec. We speak English almost everywhere and people have always been polite to say it, the government is making the population look like a bunch of yahoo’s. We love being a Quebecois but feel sad when such negative press and fear around the French language is seen, the fear of it being one day extinct…such ignorance and not to mention the Anglo’s posting such hateful messages about our PM. Very very sad. We are very proud to speak French and that our children have the privilege to be bilingual,and trilingual…yes ”privileged”.Perhaps in the near future all french Quebecois will have the chance to speak a second language and go to the school of their choice. So please don’t hate or judge but try to make a difference.There is no other province I would rather be but Québec! J’aime le Québec!!!

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