JEAN PAUL GAULTIER – Paris Fashion Week 2014


Paris Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year. Recently we were able to see a lot of new creations by famous designers presented in a series of shows in the French capital.
What’s also interesting to be noticed is that the new fashion shows tend to be “shows” by themselves. There are a lot of elements present that do not necessary constitute the subject of fashion design, the set and decor for example. We are featuring few designers from the show in our report.


“Life is a butterfly! So all the collection is that!” explained Jean Paul Gaultier during a preview on the eve of his couture show, which used the simple metaphor and seemingly single idea to build a collection that proved to be brimming with playful reinterpretations of those winged beauties and rich with inventive technique and craftsmanship.
Gaultier always makes for one of the most exciting couture shows of the season— admired in equal measure for their celebrity appearances as for the endearing positive energy the designer personally exudes.
The best looks, like one single orange coral butterfly blouse whose little organza ruffles seemed to flutter, were often the simplest.

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