John Abraham: MADRAS CAFE Is Not About Sri Lanka


From its very poster that has a map of Sri Lanka imprinted on it to the stage and setting that the film carries, one can see the neighbouring country playing a pivotal part in MADRAS CAFE. While a few wondered how that would eventually attract audience to theatres, its lead John Abraham maintains that the Shoojit Sircar affair has a lot more to talk about than just Sri Lanka.
‘The film is basically about an Indian soldier while the Sri Lankan crises is just a backdrop of it. We were very clear from the beginning that our film won’t have any inclinations or bearings about any country particular, whether India or any other. Having said that, the core of our film is completely Indian. And yes, for the records, the film is not about Sri Lanka,’ says John.

In the film, John plays a RAW agent and while a lot has been written and said about how his take on the affairs is entirely different from the kind that has been played by Salman Khan in EK THA TIGER and Saif Ali Khan in AGENT VINOD, he goes on to provide further details.

‘To start with, RAW agents are absolutely regular people who could well be sitting in a restaurant opposite you and you won’t know who they are. This is the way such agents across the world operate as they have to look regular. They come with these special set of skill that are not visible to normal people,’ he adds.

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