Little strange for Shah Rukh Khan:


The last couple of years have been a little strange for Shah Rukh Khan. From being Bollywood’s golden child, he went to being much criticized, be it for his superhero flick Ra.One, or his personal entanglements. His alleged relationship with Priyanka Chopra, also his Don and Don 2 costar, led to SRK falling out with old friends, including Hrithik Roshan and Arjun Rampal. A little bit of that is changing right now.

Firstly, SRK starred in one of last year’s most talked about movies, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The film was hyped foremost because it saw Yash Chopra return to the director’s seat after years, and then for the fact that Chopra passed away before the film’s release. Of course JTHJ also gained popularity points for SRK’s leading ladies, the much younger Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

SRK is no slouch when it comes to being clever about making money, but his career choices of late haven’t been the best. However, a star of his stature can still get away with it.

“Right now I am in a position where I can afford to do anything but when I just started off that time my dream was to have a house, car and everything,” he says. “When I [started] that time it was only about romantic films. Now things are changing and the journey has been great. I will keep working till people want to see me.” It is of course interesting to remember that it was Yash Chopra who had advised SRK to switch to romantic roles rather than his offbeat ones if he wanted to be a truly explosive icon in cinema.

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