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Loans and Bursaries Program:

The Loans and Bursaries Program is meant for full-time students or students deemed fulltime in occupational training, college or university programs. In all cases, enrolment must be in an educational institution that is recognized by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports. The purpose of the program is to enable individuals with insufficient financial resources to pursue their studies by providing financial assistance. Students do, however, retain primary responsibility for the cost of their education.

The earlier, the better!

By filing your 2012-2013 application for student financial assistance now, you will reduce processing delays. The earlier you file your application, it If you wish to pursue post secondary studies but lack the necessary financial resources, you may be considering applying for student financial assistance. will improve your chances of receiving it by the beginning of the academic year.
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How to be safe while Tobogganing:

Though it’s a fun sport, Sledding and tobogganing can be dangerous. So here are some safety tips from the Canadian Pediatric Society:

  • Children under 5 should never go down a hill alone — an adult should accompany them.
  •  Kids should always wear a ski or hockey helmet — not a bicycle helmet — while sledding. Bicycle helmets are only tested up to -10ºC (14ºF) and need to be replaced after one crash. If you use a hockey helmet, make sure it meets the criteria of the Canadian Standards Association.
  • Never use a sled with sharp or jagged edges. Inspect sleds at the beginning of every winter to make sure they are in good condition with secure handholds.
  • Never sled on or near roadways. Look for shallow slopes that are free of trees, fences or any other obstacles.
  • Always sit up or kneel on a sled — lying down can increase the risk of injury to the head, spine and even stomach.
  • Use a sled that you can steer rather than a snow disc or inner tube — it’s safer and will provide much better control. (To improve safety, some hills in Montreal offer special, roped off tracks just for inner tube use).
  • Avoid sledding on crowded slopes.
  • Sled during the day. If you do bring your family sledding at night, make sure the hill is well lit.
  • Slide down the middle of the hill and climb up along the sides. Remember to watch for other sledders and move quickly out of the way once you reach the bottom of the hill.

Locations around Montreal:
Bois de Liesse Nature Park
9432 Gouin Blvd. W., Pierrefonds (Pitfield Visitor Centre), (514) 280-6729
Beaconsfield Golf Club
49 Golf Ave, Pointe Claire
Île de la Visitation Nature Park
2425 Gouin Blvd. E., Montreal, (514) 280-6733
Mount Royal Park – Beaver Lake Pavillon
2000 Remembrance Rd., Montreal, (514) 843-8240 •

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