Make up brushes you must own


4 makeup brushes you must own…
1. Foundation brush
A foundation brush must be round, fluffy and flat-tipped for flawlessly blending the foundation into skin. The round shape of the brush is helpful in applying foundation and for smoothing out uneven skin tone. Take a little foundation on the back of your hand, dip your brush in it and apply on face starting from the cheeks to the hairline in circular motions.
2. Blush brush
You cannot apply blush with your fingers unless it is a cream based formula. But then again, using a brush to apply blush prevents product wastage. Also, you have full control over where your blush should be applied just above the contouring and just below the highlighter when you use a blush brush.
3. Concealer brush
The concealer brush is one brush you should definitely own since it not only helps in covering your blemishes and zits while applying makeup but also helps you clean your whole look once you are done.
4. Eyebrow brush
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are definitely the window frames. And you sure as hell would not want tardy window frames. An oft-ignored but essential part of makeup, eyebrows must be groomed and filled in. They are especially necessary when you use powder to fill in your brows.Eyebrow pencils tend to look harsh and fake.

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