Makeup Tips For Women’s


Women with medium to darker complexions know that makeup can often present challenges that cosmetic brands and beauty stories don’t always address. . Women of color disproportionately spend money on cosmetics, yet often aren’t spoken to. Now you can do this in home following these steps.

Get a Natural Look When Applying
Use the pad of your ring finger to tap it into the skin. A concealer makeup brush can also do the trick if you don’t want makeup all over your hands. Never rub the concealer into the skin because it won’t give you the best results.

Don’t cover freckles.
When applying foundation your aim should never be to cover freckles not only do they add character, but you’ll risk looking too ‘done’ if they’re opaquely painted over.

Set brows with powder.
Deeper complicated women naturally have darker brows, which mean you’ll shape and fill in sparse areas with shades ranging from brown to dark espresso.

The Perfect Eyebrow
Use a pencil and a small ruler to shape the eyebrow and start of the brow must be lined up with the edge of the nostril. The highest point of the eyebrow must be in line with the pupil of the eye and Brush the hair of the eyebrow down. The excess hair sticking to the skin outside the natural shape of the brow must be plucked out using a tweezers. Remember to pluck the hair in the direction of growth of the hair strand. Use very light colored eye shadow on the inside ridge of the eye.

Final Look.
Finally, apply a bronzer/darker blush powder, as a bronzer this time. Consider Honour by MAC, and provide warmth to areas where the sun would normally hit you, like your forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones.
Finish lips with a natural color for day and top with a gloss in a taupe/pink shade. Apply gloss to the middle of lips. If you want a bold lips.

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