Most Canadians in favor of limits on immigration: poll


Most Canadians are in favor of restrictions on the number of qualified immigrants accepted into the country each year, a new poll suggests.
A survey conducted by Forum Research for the National Post found that 70% of the 1,755 Canadian adults polled supported limits, and most Canadians who were born in another country (58%) agreed. Among those whose parents were not born in Canada, 66% were in support of limiting the number of qualified immigrants over admitting all prospective qualified newcomers, the poll showed.
Roderic Beaujot, a professor emeritus of sociology at Western University whose research looked at population and immigration, says he was surprised that there was agreement between the various groups.
“It’s interesting that the attitudes are not too different… To me, this is a very realistic thing.
“Immigrants would know that it would be difficult for Canada to admit all qualified immigrants,” he said.
Support for immigration limits was steady across the provinces and across party lines, with a range of between 64% and 77% among all regions and political affiliations, the Forum Poll showed.
The poll also showed that 60% of Canadians say that immigrants should be able to hold dual nationality, and 81% were in favour of allowing immigrants to bring their spouse and dependent children along with them.

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