New Age Rules For A Happy Marriage


1. Time-out
While there are many couples who like to resolve their issues before calling it a night, even if it keeps them up till the wee hours, many relationship experts say that sometimes it’s probably a good idea to sleep over your issues. This way, you can calm down, re-think your stand and not make a decision in haste. Same goes for your spouse.

2. Holiday apart
You don’t need to go everywhere together—it’s not like you are attached at the hip. Unless you’re on your honeymoon, it’s okay to holiday apart. Your interests may not match and you may not want to visit the same places. In such cases, it’s better to holiday with your friends; just like it were a bachelorette, rather than spending money on a vacation where one partner is unhappy. That will ruin the others mood too.

3. Individual accounts
Many relationship counsellors have said that financial issues are a major cause for breakdown of marriages, especially among today’s independent lot. It may seem like a good idea to maintain separate bank accounts instead of the traditional joint ones. While some may consider this a breach of trust, it seems like a logical way to ensure control over your finances.

4. Don’t shop together
Let’s face it—most men hate shopping. They may tag along because of the incessant begging or complaining, but isn’t it better when your shopping buddy is someone who enjoys shopping as well. The next time you are in the mood to splurge, get one of your friends to tag along, who likes to shop and doesn’t mind the long hours.

5. Socialize separately
Many couples have a set of common friends, but it isn’t necessary to abandon the friends that you have known before marriage. In fact, having different sets of friends will give both of you some space in the relationship. Often, you should let your husband party with his friends, especially when there is a good match on TV, and this way you can make it a date with your girlfriends.

6. Share household chores
Women work hard too, so why should we be expected to do all the household chores or confine ourselves to the kitchen once we’re home after a long day of work. As a couple, you should take turns to do household chores like cooking, cleaning and washing the utensils, or atleast offer to help instead of one person toiling away.

7. Respect ‘me time’
It’s healthy to spend time by yourself once in a while and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Many relationship experts say that doing things for yourself often leads to a happier relationship.

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