OPI Winter Collection 13/14 : “Your Wish Has Come True”


OPI’s new collection is hotter than ever! The shades are so gorgeous and are perfect
for this season. Only two or three shades will keep you going this season. It’s not
necessary to change the colour often with OPI, since their colours are brilliant and
will look great during this time of the season. This year 2013, there are amazing
colours to choose out to wear. Have your nights out during the holidays and feel
proud and confident with what you’re wearing so that you’re sure to look charming.
Your imagination colours are available to make you look exactly the way you want to
feel. In fact, Mariah Carey has her collection, Mariah Holiday, that will make you
feel, look and show off the real you. OPI gives you the benefits of showing your
true self. Their new collection, San Francisco… ditto!

“Jingle bell, jingle all the way!”…I mean sparkles all the WAY!
Mariah Carey’s new collection in OPI’s studio includes 12 sparkly and 6 coloured

Let’s talk SPARKLES 1st!
The sparkles used by OPI are gorgeous knowing that what amazing quality the nail
polish is! Knowing that many people are always looking for a nail polish with
sparkles, Mariah Holiday, collection has 12 nail colours that have stunning &
starlight sparkles in them. These nail colours are truly amazing to have during the
holidays when you know you’ll be hosting or attending an event during the winter
Having winter is fantastic! You’d ask why? but it’s clear when you just start to
feel the winter holiday spirit that changes it to a more jollier atmosphere. You
could be wearing a simple designers dress with a choice from these 12 shades to add
that perfectionists touch to a particular look. Like this, whatever you are too wear
will be glamorous! These OPI colours will leave you breathless because of it’s
amazing quality and fabulous tones. These 12 nail polishes each have a Mariah
feeling to it with the choices of names they title with. For example, the It’s Frost
Outside snowy colour would look fantastic with Mariah Carey’s red santa dress that
she wears for her Mariah Holiday collection poster. Take a look at a few shades
that’ll put some glitter in your eyes!
– Be yourself because you deserve the best

Sleigh Ride For Two, Mariah Holiday.

As stunning the sparkles look, the nail polish shades with a
simple shine are gorgeous too! SIX colours included in Mariah’s collection are rich
dark tones amazing for any casual time as well. In other words, these shades are
very versatile and will go with almost any outfit you choose. Let’s take the colour Titled Sleigh Ride For Two, is a maroon colour nail polish. It’s a very strong colour that’s romantic and diverse. You can use this shade for many looks such as going to work to heading out for dinner with your mate. After all, this tone level fits many styles and make life easier to not having to change the colour every day.
– Look great as the time clicks

OPI’s Winter 2013/14 – San Francisco
OPI’s latest technology has a variety of nail polish materials that can give off a particular kind of look. This winter, OPI has come out with their latest collection, San Fransisco, that have different kinds of material. If OPI continues with these styles, we’ll definitely see are dreams of YOUR kind of nail polish come true!

GEL COLOR – Firstly, Peace & Love & OPI a multicolour nail polish that is Gel Colour will leave you with soft & shiny nails. The material is soft with a very minimum feel of sand like nail polish. If you’re someone who loves white or black dresses will look amazing in this colour.

ALCATRAZ – A splendid material available in 3 kinds of shades in this collection are astonishing. OPI’s Alcatraz… Rocks, Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!, and It’s All San Andrea’s Fault are 3 colours available that are remarkable when you take a closer look at it. These are shades that have a sandlike materiel feeling and look that is chic. One of the most interesting nail polish, Alcatraz… Rocks, is shimmering with a blend of sparkles that is superb and will leave you looking fabulous! After all, We all need some shimmer to keep us cheery.

SHIMMERS – With one multicolour nail polish, there comes a long another one of a kind nail polish. Haven’t The Foggiest is another shade in the same collection that is silver and has a snowflake feeling to the tone of the nail polish. It’s shocking how this shade could remind you of snow! It’s very stylish but yet sophisticated; in other words, it’s very chic. These colours are radiant and will leave you joyful all season. Let’s take Embarca-Dare Ya! as an example and you’ll know what I mean. This pink colour is adaptable to change in styles like the other 9 shades that “shimmer”. Ditto! These shimmering nail polishes are gorgeous and you will be satisfied when you choose one. How it works is the nail polish chooses you. In other words, there is one kind of nail polish in this collection that is in your dreams.Luckily, OPI offers a variety of nail polishes with impressive technology that will
leave a smile on your face.
– Keep yourself joyful

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