Prime Minister Manmohan Singh defends govt’s record on reforms: highlights


New Delhi: In his address in the Rajya Sabha today, Prime Minister defended the UPA’s record on reforms introduced in the country. He also spoke about the government’s foreign policy, especially with regard to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Below are the highlights:
•UPA inherited a fast growing economy and we led with it
•Country needs a growth rate of 8-9 per cent if we are to get rid of poverty and unemployment.
•We are confident that the growth will bounce back with our efforts to 7 to 8 per cent
•PM hits out at Jaitley – Quotes Tacitus – “When men are full of envy they disparage everything, whether it be good or bad”
•It is our expectation that in the next two or three years the economy can once again bounce back
•We will continue to support social reforms
•Lists NDA and UPA schemes for inclusive growth
•Honourable Leader of Opposition should be more objective in assessing the UPA govt
•Arun Jaitley referred to the problem of terrorism – I believe that there are no two points on view. We should not make any compromise in dealing with terrorism.
•Our J&K policy is based on national consensus. We will not do anything against national interests
•We will never compromise with our national interests
•We want our neighbours to prosper, we want them to be partners in progress
•I sincerely hope we will work with our neighbours to give the SAARC region a high growth profile
•It will be our effort to work with govt of Sri Lanka that Tamil people get chance to lead life of dignity as equal citizens. There must be political reconciliation
•The Lankan Government must take initiative to work with the Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka
•Cannot expect normalisation of relations with Pakistan until terror groups there are brought under control.

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