Punjab parliamentary committee to reconvene


LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly’s parliamentary committee will reconvene to continue deliberations on the appointment of a caretaker chief minister.

Earlier on Tuesday it was announced that the committee had failed to a reach a consensus on the appointment and the matter would be sent to the Election Commission of Pakistan.
Shortly after the announcement, PML-N parliamentary committee member Rana Sanaullah telephoned opposition members Chaudhry Zaheer and Shaukhat Basra and asked them to once again take part in deliberations.
The parliamentary committee comprised of six members, three each from the government and opposition. The PML-N was represented by Rana Sanaullah, Mujtaba Shaujar Rehman and Iqbal Chunnar, while the opposition PPP and PML-Q was represented nu Shaukat Basra, Zulfiqar Gondal and Chaudhry Zaheer.
Nominees for the caretaker CM Punjab post include Justice (retd) Amir Raza Khan and former bureaucrat Khuwaja Zaheer proposed by the PML-N, while the opposition suggested names of senior journalist Najam Sethi and Justice (retd) Zahid Hussain.

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