Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas


Breakfast is the first meal of the day and so it is first supplement for energy which helps you deal with the whole day tiring workload and thus it becomes important to have a proper breakfast. Mental freshness and physical fitness is very much aided by breakfast. But people do get confused as to what to take in breakfast. No need to panic as we help you with quick and better options for breakfast.

• Waffle With Peanut Butter:
You can add a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter onto grain waffle and make it healthy. To add up protein you can use nuts and raisins too.

• A Classic Cheese And Fruit Combo:
A healthy “FAST” breakfast combo with adequate amount of flavours can be created by using walnut, cheese and fruits like apples and banana and further mashing them up. Enjoy your meal.

• Milkshake With Strawberries:
Yeah, Milk Shake…we all love it!!We can garnish Milk Shake with some strawberries or vanilla. It would give your Milkshake a healthy look. Just Put them together and shake them with some bananas and enjoy your easy to digest breakfast.

• A Cake Style Doughnut Along With Low Fat Chocolate Milk:
Cake is loved and cherished by everyone. You can add it up with yummy chocolate milk and then garnish it with some dry fruits like nuts and raisins. Low Fat Chocolate milk is way better than coffee or tea.

• Breakfast Pizza:
Pizza never sounds healthy but this one will add up to your health. Take a white bread and put some tomato toppings with some olive oil and enjoy your rich in nutrients Pizza.

• Energy Bar:
Energy bar as the name suggests is an energy supplement with some protein and calcium products. Choose your ingredients carefully.

• Egg McMuffin:
Enjoy eggs, which are a great source of protein as a fast food which would provide you with 300 calories with some fruits like papaya and orange.

• Sundae Made Of Cereal:
Take a bowl full of flakes; add yoghurt with some raisins to make it healthier.

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