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Raoul is the music coordinator, news presenter and one of the interviewers on V-Mix. You can find him interviewing various artists from the South Asian and Canadian urban music scenes. Having a deejay background, Raoul agrees that it has helped him with this show. He started his deejay days ten years ago at The University of Western Ontario as a TV host and columnist on various college media outlets. He later decided that he wanted to get a better idea of the behind-the-scenes world, and after university, began producing various radio and TV shows, as well as contributing to a variety of print media outlets, including Word magazine for a number of years, before moving on to doing op-eds for Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe & Mail. He later found himself producing films and soundtracks.
For Raoul Juneja, hip-hop is about much more than just the music or the stereotypes associated with it.Since starting his company, Lyrical Knockout Entertainment, Raoul Juneja’s focus has been on literacy, politics and inspiration.Little more about Raoul is that he is the first veejay to be featured as part of “Legends of the Fame: The Great Canadian Hip-Hop Trading Card Collection”.He is also founder of the ‘Hip-Hop Literacy’ high school and college campaign.

Q: Which part of South Asia do you hail from?
I was born in Toronto – my parents are Punjabi Sikh.

Q: What is your Zodiac sign?
I’m an Aquarius – though I don’t follow astrology predictions, I think you can make anything happen regardless of what your horoscope says if you put your mind to it!

Q: Tell us about your background – where you grew up, your education and family?
I was raised in New York, which is part of the reason hip-hop became an integral part of my life. I studied Media at Western University in London (Ontario), where I also did interviews for their campus newspaper and had a show on their campus radio station. My Dad’s side of the family comes from a business background, and my Mom’s side of the family comes from a military and education background.

Q: Tell us what inspired you to be part of the media industry?
I think Media has always been part business and part public service, if you are true to the profession. On one hand I loved seeing the status that came with being on TV, but at the same time I always wanted to use that status to achieve some sort of greater purpose for the arts and culture

Q: Tell us a bit about your work as a “veejay”?
My first experience in the entertainment industry was being given the chance to report on an event for a national TV channel in Canada when I was 18 years old – over the past 15 years I’ve worked in almost every area of the entertainment industry, so I feel being back on-air through V-MIX on OMNI Television is really coming full circle for me. We have an amazing team both in front and behind the scenes, so I’ve been very proud every time we’ve finished an episode and see it go to air the past 75 weeks and counting!

Q: You have garnered so much success and acclaim in your field – what would you suggest to our readers in terms of following their dreams and aspirations?
Whether through co-op programs, volunteering or internships – I feel real life working experience in your field speaks volumes ahead of just getting degrees. Not to discredit the importance of finishing high school and post secondary education, but in a field like media, those are just theories until you’re actually working in a newsroom and seeing the business unfold before your eyes. It’s like reading about paintbrushes versus actually attempting to paint a picture every day until you get it right.

I’ve been lucky to have some great mentors over the years, especially my OMNI producers Nalin Bakhle and Suzy Soares, so I would also suggest finding respected people in your field who you can ask advice from, and seeing if you can contribute anything to the visions they have for your industry.

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