Royal Windsor Cup: Polo Star Hissam Hyder Makes Pakistan Proud


LAHORE: Hissam Hyder, Pakistan’s leading polo player, and Kassem Shafi’s Team Shalimar lost to Team Ferne Park by a single goal, 9 – 8, in the final of the prestigious Royal Windsor Cup 2013, according to a press release.
Her Majesty The Queen of England, among other members of British High Society, attended the concluding match of the tournament and distributed awards to the participating teams on the occasion.
The Royal Windsor Polo Cup is one of the most competitive and prestigious mid-goal polo tournaments in the world and features 18 leading teams who are participating in this year’s competition.
The final match was a high scoring and closely contested affair, with Ferne Park taking an early lead in the starting chukkers. A late resurgence by Shalilmar in the last 2 chukkers of the match narrowed the gap significantly in the latter half of the game, but unfortunately was not enough to see them through to the finish line.
Hissam, the highest handicapped player in his team, played for Kassem Shafi’s Team Shalimar along with Vieri Antinori (5 handicap), Nicolas Antinori (4 handicap) and Kassem Shafi (0 handicap).
Speaking about his Royal Windsor Cup experience, Hissam Hyder said “It’s disappointing to lose in the final match of a tournament, especially since we played well throughout the competition, but such is the nature of the game. I’m pleased with our overall performance, and am proud to say that we played top notch polo during the last 3 weeks. We held our own against the sport’s leading mid-goal handicapped players and made it to through to the Finals of the competition. We may have emerged as runners-up this year, but I am positive that we will bring home the gold in 2014.”
With a handicap of 6 goals, Hissam Hyder is presently regarded as one of Asia’s top polo players. Hissam has been named as the most valuable player in Pakistan on 6 different occasions and has represented the Pakistani Polo team officially in 3 different World Cups.
Internationally he has participated in top, high goal tournaments such as the 2012 Dubai Trophy in England, the 2012 Cope Presidente and the 2011 Duke of Cornwall Trophy among many others.
Born into a sports playing family in 1982, his father Irfan Ali Hyder and grandfather Brig “Gussy” Hyder, were both prominent polo players, with a handicap of 4 goals and 1 goal respectively. Hissam has eclipsed them both with a handicap of 6 goals and is presently ranked in the top 5% of the world’s polo players.
He will next be participating in The Eduardo Moore Tournament, a prestigious 12-15 goal polo competition, being held from June 25, 2013 to July 6, 2013.
Team Shalimar’s progress through the Royal Windsor Cup 2013
June 1, 2013: Shalimar 8 vs Emlor S 7
June 5, 2013: Dell Park 9 vs Shalimar 8
June 13, 2013: Shalimar 10 vs Clarita Pink 5
June 19, 2013: Emlor C 7 vs Shalimar 9 (Quarter-Finals)
June 21, 2013: Lost Boys 5 vs Shalimar 9 (Semi-Finals)
June 23, 2013: Shalimar 8 vs Ferne Park 9 (Final)

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