Salman Rushdie on “Midnight’s Children”


“Nothing is unfilmable,” says author Salman Rushdie, whose “Midnight’s Children”, an epic Indian tale of partition, independence and emergency told with touches of magical realism, has been turned into a movie by Deepa Mehta. Rushdie, known as a controversial author whose “Satanic Verses” was banned in India, wrote the screenplay and did the narration for the movie based on his book said he “learned a great deal” during the process. He says he is an admirer of Deepa Mehta’s body of work and their “friendship grew deeper” as the movie progressed.“We were not pulling in different directions, but trying to make the same film, and our friendship grew much deeper as the work progressed,” Rushdie said in an interview, adding that he has so far not thought about direction.”Midnight’s Children” revolves around the life of Salim Sinai, who is born at the stroke of midnight on Aug 15, 1947. Starring actors like Satya Bhabha, Shabana Azmi, Seema Biswas, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, and Darsheel Safary, “Midnight’s Children” is releasing in India Feb 1. According to Rusdhie, Seema as Mary Pereira “is simply incredible”

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