Shah Rukh Khan stars in Animated Movie ‘Atharva – The Origin’


King Khan, who never stops re-inventing his persona for the millions of fans he has worldwide is back again, with a completely novel avatar. The animated movie “Avartha- The Origin” is an animated adaptation of the graphic novel titled by the same name. This is his first ever role in an animated movie.

The official trailer features SRK in a dark, strong, rippled muscular physique coupled with heavy Armour, coupled with a somber expression on his face. There are also horns on his head and some archaic weapon in his hand.

The overall look and feel of the trailer is very reminiscent Of Beowolf, and there appears to be a dragon-like creature in the background. The background sequence and the thrilling first few seconds of this trailer suggest that it is regarding the adventure of a lone warrior.

Atharva is a novel which is set in a mythological setting where the hero covers a long, difficult journey to an adventurous, magical land where he encounters strange beasts and phenomenon. The story seems like an age-old tale however the visuals are very fluid and gripping, and fans seems to be loving their hero in this new get-up.

Shah Rukh Khan's "Atharva – The Origin" – A New… by BollywoodNow

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