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Spark Event Management is an innovative entertainment Company that creates multicultural events concerts, parties and host artists ensuring that Montreal audience does not miss on top class entertainment. A passion for South Asian Music and dancing of all styles has been the inspiration behind the establishment of the company.

Syncmag had an up-close and personal tete-a-tate with the team of Spark Entertainment.

1) Tell us about your Event management business?
This company is the brain child of Nandan Bhuiyan, Tanvir Ahmed and Arif Deewan.

Founded in 2010, based in Montreal, Spark Event Management is predominantly an event house that specializes in providing music events to the entertainment starved South Asian audience of Montreal. We took the risk of starting our own business, and now we are using our individual creative flair to manage some of the most high profile events happening in Montreal. We knew all the right people in the entertainment industry and everyone was supportive of us launching our own company.
Our company provides full Event management, Celebrity management; marketing and media services.

2) How many events have you managed so far? What has been the most memorable?
We started with the Bengali Show “Spark Night 2010” featuring Shweta Subram. (Performed with Salim-Sulaiman at IIFA (Indian International Film Academy).From that day it all skyrocketed, with us doing one event after another. Next we did the Mika Singh show. This was the first commercial show from Spark which was organized within three weeks and it was a HIT. Even without much marketing the show became a milestone in the history of Montreal as being the most entertaining, organized and true to the objective of Spark which is to provide a platform for the audience to sway to the rhythm of the night.
The audience was captivated and everyone young and old alike were on their feet, having a good time. The reviews spread like wild fire as Mika Singh being the best South Asian Montreal show for 2012. This show provided us with the platform to move on to bigger and better projects.

3) What is the demand for such a business in Montreal? What kind of competition do you have?
Montrealers seek entertainment just like any other city within North America. When you are away from your roots the best way to connect is through the sense of Music which makes the audience feel closer to home. Whenever one thinks of high budget Entertainment shows, Toronto comes to mind. We at Spark want to change that for the future South Asian generations of Montreal. Montreal is a city of diversity and multiple ethnic cultures and is home to huge South Asian population. There is a need in the community to provide entertainment at home rather than the audience turning to other cities.
As far as competition is concerned there are other entities in the same field and our goal is to work together with everyone to support our distinctive communities.

4) What makes your company different than your competition?
It is for the people who expect and accept nothing but the best. The audience controls the concept but is left free to just enjoy the event. Our events are a rite of passage to be closer to HOME. We magically transform all events into magic and ideas into reality which take your breath away. We have been able to build a reputation of respect and consistency by going at a slow pace and placing a value to each event and by building strong relationships with all ethical communities. What we say we DELIVER…. And make the audience happy instead of focusing on financial gains.

We believe in the learning process and audience feedback is learning for us.

5) What are your future plans?
At the moment we are bringing SHREYA Ghoshal to Montreal for the very first time.
Spark’s goal is to provide quality with consistency to its audiences and to become a National promoter and doing a Mega show in Bell center. We want to be known as a team who will deliver what is promised. We want Montrealers to feel: “HUM KISSE SEY KUM NAHI”

6) Lastly, what is your message to the readers of Syncmag?
The more successfully a community mingles, diversity of its people there by enlivens.
In order for Spark to achieve their objectives we require the support of the community. We have proven time and time again that the audience will get their dollars worth at our events and it’s time for Montrealers to show us that they will assist us in the execution of our events by being a part of it and giving us proper feedback. In return we promise to provide with one Dhamaka show after the other and do not forget your dancing shoes.

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