Swap clothes and save money


There is a new, inexpensive option for replacing your child’s outgrown clothing. It is a website called Minitrade and was created by Montrealer Isabelle Doucet and her husband.
Here is how it works. You create an account online and a bag will be sent to you that you can fill with your child’s clothes. The clothes are picked up, appraised and you are given a credit to purchase other clothes on its site.
Minitrade accepts clothing for kids up to the age of 7 that are in good condition (no stains, unraveling, faded colours etc.). The merchandise must be washed, have been purchased within the past two years and the brand label and washing instructions must be clear and legible. If the clothes are high end or still have the tags on them, you get extra “credits.”
The website also sells new clothing and you don’t have to trade in clothes to be able to purchase from the site. There is free shipping for purchases over $50.

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