There was bewakoofi and herogiri in Jolly LLB: Arshad Warsi


Arshad Warsi has done it. In a career lasting decade and a half, he has managed to score his first success as a solo lead with Jolly LLB. Though he has enjoyed success on a continued note in films which two, three or four main leads, the fact remains that with Jolly LLB, Arshad is turning a new chapter in his career.
There is unanimous appreciation from all quarters for Jolly LLB with not a single soul terming the film disappointing. With ‘junta’ at large following suit as well, guess the going must be indeed good for you now?
I would give credit to Subhash (Kapoor) for that. He is a great director and knows a thing or two about performances. Usko pata hai ki kahan rokna hai or kitna kheenchna hai. When you are telling the story of a guy who comes from a small town and takes on the biggest lawyer of the country, it is obvious that kahin bewakaoofi hogi aur kahi herogiri. All of that had to be believable and it is this very believability that has worked with the audience.
What has also worked in a major way is your face-off with Boman Irani. Since the Munnabhai series, seems like he is an antagonist for you in each of your outings together.
In Munnabhai series, the face-off was more between Sanju and Boman (laughs). In case of Jolly LLB, Boman took this film because no one else could have been seen in such a part. He is so believable as a lawyer who is sharp minded with a bang on vocabulary. Something like that comes naturally to him. He was an absolute choice and I remember Subhash keeping the film on hold for two months till Boman stepped in.

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