Things Men Should Do Before Turning 40


Most of us dream of things that we love to do before we die. While some of us may lack the conviction or the will to do it, some others just follow their heart and do what they love. However, at some point we all feel the urge to do something before we outgrow ourselves. We’re talking about the best things to do before you hit naughty forty! Lets have a look at few things that you can’t afford to miss now.

Get Adventurous- With your age, your body weakens but not the mind. Indulge in your favourite adventure sport like sky diving, river rafting, bunjee jumping, scuba diving, mountain biking, para sailing, para gliding and the likes. Visit at least 2-3 countries around the world and get a slice of what the other country feels like.
Eat And Drink Without Guilt- With age comes health issues, so when you are young, indulge yourself a little in the most sinful of desserts, pastas, ice creams or whatever food you fancy.
Talk Without Inhibitions- After forty people will start considering you a very serious person. Speak your mind out and be frank in whatever you want to do.
Take Time For Yourself- Being with yourself, and loving yourself is of utmost importance. Reflecting and speculating your actions and talking to yourself makes you feel better and refines you.
Learn A New Art- Learning something new makes you discover your hidden potentials. Be it a music class, painting, cooking, baking, photography, whatever it is that catches your fancy, try and reap the happiness in it.
Donate Blood- This is the most fulfilling thing you could ever do. Saving someone’s life is something that you do not want to miss out on. You can also donate bone marrow tissue.
Workout And Be Happy- The unparalleled joy of a workout and a toned body is priceless. Workout, run, walk, cycle and do anything that keeps your heart racing in joy.
Volunteer- Being a volunteer gives as much happiness as charity. Spend a day or two with the homeless or work with an NGO. This gives you a different perspective of life altogether.
Write The Best Things About Yourself- Make a memoir of the best things you’ve done till date and read it after forty. It feels like a new journey altogether.
Surprise Your Loved Ones- A warm and pleasant surprise can linger in the hearts of many. Try and throw a surprise party or write few good things about someone you love the most and give it to them as a gift.
Relive Your Days- Party hard with your friends and have frequent reunions. You may also try yet another bachelor party even though you’re married.
Road Trip- Take the longest ever road trip you can. After forty your reflexes to drive may be reduced. So, drive the longest distance you can and trod the path not taken.
Visit Your Alma Mater- Visiting your college or university can make you walk on the nostalgic path again. Go to your college, meet your teachers, take a look at your classroom and the bench that you used to sit. Have a cup of tea or coffee at the college cafeteria and relive your memories.
Thank The People Around You- Gratitude is the best form of worship. Thank every person who has been a part of your life and has contributed to your growth and well-being. This is one important thing that men must do before they turn 40!
Stay Happy- Last but not the least, being happy is the key to a peaceful life ahead. So, do whatever it takes to make you happy and never stifle that happy heart.

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