Use cosmetics safely


More often than not, we tend to get careless as far as cosmetics are concerned.

We overlook the fact that a lot of skin irritations and eye allergies can be caused by them. It might be because they don’t suit us or they are past their expiry dates. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind while using different cosmetics.
-The first thing that one needs to do before buying any kind of cosmetic is to well research the product. It’s not only the brand, but the ingredients that go into it that you need to be aware of. Know your lipstick well before it touches your lips.
-Make sure to check the expiry dates of the products you buy before taking them home. Most dry cosmetics have an expiration period of a year and the liquid ones even less.
-Get rid of the cosmetics when you are supposed to. Don’t continue to hoard them. A lot of people tend to preserve their age-old cosmetics because they haven’t used them enough. Some use methods to continue using them- for example adding castor oil to mascara even when it has gone dry. Avoid doing that.
-When buying for bathing bars and shower gels, avoid going in for the fragranced variety as they tend to contain chemicalsthat cause allergies and other skin irritations.
-Use organic and natural products and avoid those with preservatives. Read about the ingredients ahead of making your purchase.
-Use brushes with natural bristles to apply makeup and clean them at least once a month to keep them bacteria-free.
-And lastly, avoid sharing your makeup with anyone else. Chances of spreading allergies and irritations are more when you share them.

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