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Green With Envy, Evil eye, jealousy, and malicious glare.

  • July 28, 2017
  • 2 min read
Green With Envy, Evil eye, jealousy, and malicious glare.

This is a curse believed to be done by a person when they are unaware, a knowledgeable or your situation. This is widely among many Mediterranean and Asian tribes and cultures. It’s very funny how our society seems to be more ready to shun a situation then to be happy or proud of someone’s accomplishments.
We as human tend to show our successes more then our failures, hopping we get some sort of gratitude when in reality we should not be seeking this from anyone,
but our All mighty. Which brings me to this article, I know we believe we are all brought to this world to be strong, successful, smart and most importantly humble, seeing someone’s success is suppose to be encouragement for oneself to give us a drive a sense of hope, to give us the ability to perform great achievements.
I have seen and experienced much evil eye in my life time and have learned to understand that it is sadly a part of our society, we like it or not .. New shoes, new car , big home why do we need gratitude or acknowledgement ?
Is it because we are not satisfied with our own gratitude our own successes? Hmm mm, a question we should ask our self really, I believe it’s a human behavior that had been embedded in us from a young age, now I could say is that our elders or our educators or our culture that has brought this upon us or are we just the generation that needs to tweet or Facebook or successes instantly for acceptance. I know this seems a little strange to those whom don’t believe in these malevolent glares. They do exist, to such an extent, that they have ruined people’s lives. Protect yourself and your loved ones.. this world
is a beautiful place let’s not turn it in an evil one ..

– Suhaila

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